Ways To Simplify Valves

JIC fittings at HFI fluid energy items. JIC (Joint Industry Council) fittings are popular in gas distribution and fluid power applications, especially in which questionable (up to 10,000 psi) is included. All GS-JIC 37° flare fittings conform to SAEJ 514 (ISO 8434-2). Additionally it is known as the JIC 37 degrees flare fitting as it has a 37 degrees flare sitting area.

This means you must take time to find the appropriate JIC and -Ring adapter fittings. Connect hydraulic hoses securely with one of these threaded adapters. This cone chair and flare permits a complete mechanical seal involving the male and feminine fitting. Some confusion exists about the distinction between AN (Army-Navy) fittings and JIC (Joint Industry Council) fittings.

-Ring Face Seals: -ring face seal fixtures have flat sealing surfaces containing an embedded seal, which mates to flanged tubing or hose fittings. Commonly crafted from metal, the hoses makes linking and disconnecting fast and KP-LOK JIC Fittings simple, together with NPT to JIC adapters enable most connections become easily transformed into a JIC system.

Evolving greater pressure and more demanding hydraulic systems expose the metal to steel flare fitting that makes it very hard to have a permanent leak free flared fitting joint. To speak to our techConnect engineer group straight, they can be reached at Parker Tube Fittings Division , 614.279.7070.

According to the Wikipedia web page : JIC fittings are widely used in fuel distribution and fluid power applications, particularly where questionable (up to 10,000 psi) is involved.” The JIC fitting utilizes its flared sitting area to seal, in the place of an -ring that could corrode and/or old-tapered threads of NPTF fixtures.

It has a Joint Industrial Council (JIC) flared male connector on one end and an -ring boss regarding other. For sale in JIC (US Standard), 37 level flare (special order just), for inches tubing sizes. The SAE 45 is used in low force applications such as for instance plumbing work and LGP or NPG installation. Since these fittings had been adopted for use in several land and sea applications, confusion between an and its own industrial counterpart, the SAE 37° fitting occurred.

In the event that you assist heavy equipment, hydraulic applications, or fluid transfer systems, you understand your success of one’s whole operation can be left to the smallest details. SAE flared pipe fixtures are around for fractional and metric tubing. Tightening the locknut additionally forces a captive back-up washer on the -ring, which types the leak-tight seal.


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